Managed k3s

Date: 2020-11-27
Author: Helmuth

Yesterday I stumbled upon a provider of managed k3s.

If you did not hear about k3s: it is a tiny Kubernetes distribution created by Rancher, which does some peculiar design approaches for minimal size and runtime overhead:

  • One binary for all functionality, reducing cross-process overhead
  • Using sqlite instead of etcd for configuration (in a non-HA setup)
  • Using flannel for networking (not support network policies)

This makes k3s the ideal choice for small-scale systems, e.g. Raspberry Pi or small VMs from cloud providers.

Now CIVO - which originally focussed on an PAAS platform - is offereing a beta on its upcoming Kubernetes service based on k3s:

They will give you 70 EUR per month while in beta, and the prices are very reasonable, on par with e.g. DigitalOcean.